President: Rev. Dr. Brian Shah
Administrator: Rev. May Shah
High School Principal: Prof. Cristeta A. Pedro
Elementary Principal: Mrs. Barnette P. Tayamen
Asst. Principal: Mrs. Esther T. Tayamen.
Student Councilor: Rev. Cessna G. Atinaja




School Motto

“Onward to Success”

Mission Statement
The mission of Saviour’s Christian Academy is to provide our students with a balanced and well-rounded education, develop them to their full potential, and nurture them into good citizens, mindful of their responsibilities to family, society, and country. Teach them to learn to be independent, yet able to work closely with others; individually competitive, yet with a strong social conscience, flexible in mind and outlook to adapt constantly to a rapidly changing world. Edify them to lead a full and satisfying life, to be God fearing, having firm moral bearings to give them strength in a world of shifting values.


The school began in 1989 as “Saviour’s Kindergarte” located at the back of our old church along A. Castro Avenue, Laoag City. Since then she has grown from Nursery to full elementary school. The school started as a free school but due to high operational cost and the need to hire better qualified teachers to meet the demand of quality education, a highly subsidized school fees was introduced in 1993. However full scholarship is available for the less fortunate students.

The school is fully recognized and given the permit to operate by the Dept of Education.

Subjects Concentration.

English, Math and Science.

Hands on computer lessons from Nursery to grade 6.

Parent’s Involvement.
We can only succeed in our mission with the full support and confidence of the parents. We seek to work together with them as partners, to develop our students to their fullest potential. Education will make our student’s future, while our students will make the future of the nation.


We, the students of Saviour’s Christian Academy

Pledge ourselves to love our Lord Jesus Christ

To be loyal to the school and nation

To be deligent, honest, to aim high

And to achieve success in our ambition

So as to be useful in our country.