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The God of Legacy Makes It Bigger

08/2/2019 11:45

While finishing a degree is very important for building a stable future for the family, the lack of it is not a hindrance to the same.

My late husband, Toribio Martin Sr. (Tata Turing to many), did not finish his education but he loved reading and learning so he was able to make a big impact on his community.

By God’s grace and with the vision that God put into his heart, brother Turing started a cooperative that has been growing ever since its establishment. What amazes many people about what God did in the life of brother Turing is that the small cooperative birthed businesses: a farm supply store, an e-payment center for utility bills, and the latest business venture that has been added to the group of businesses is their baby project at the moment – the Magumbayan Bio Water Refilling Station that has been dedicated to the Lord on February 10, 2019.

Though brother Turing is already with the Lord, his legacy continues, not only through the cooperative, but more so through our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The God of legacy continually makes Tata Turing’s legacy live on.

Indeed, God’s faithfulness continues through all generations.

-By Purificacion Martin